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Jesus for Life

~ Test for entry into heaven ~


Imagine that each line of the following list represents a card.


Imagine you are about to die, 

and you need to chose the card(s) that you need for salvation. 

Which card(s) will you pick and hold close to your breast as you die?


   you have been baptised

     you are a loyal member of the Church

     you love God

     you love your neighbour

     you have been  keeping the Ten Commandments

     you have been receiving the sacraments, especially Holy Communion

     you believe

     you have prayed

     you have done good works

     you are about to die in a state of grace




The purpose of this test is to show you what you are trusting in

for your eternal salvation.  

The Bible teaches that there is only one correct answer  

I believe that Jesus died on the cross for me.


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